Get Ready to "Do Things" with Kandy Apple Redd

Get Ready to "Do Things" with Kandy Apple Redd

This very talented duo Kandy Apple Redd captures your senses right from the intro and make u want to ‘Do Things’ along to their newest song. With a solid beat and strong, engaging rhythm, “Do Things’ has a catchy and rich melody that grabs you instantly and carries you along for a hot, sultry, passionate ride.

Kandy Apple Redd’s (Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis) clever, sexy lyrics are delivered in warm, soulful and expressive vocals with just the right amount of edgy sass that will ignite your imagination and dare you to explore your more passionate side. Their vocals are consistent throughout, hitting all the right notes just so. The flowing rhythm to this passion inspired song is underscored with a balanced and rich variety of instrumental accompaniment, delivering a layered and powerful driving rhythm that doesn’t let up right till the song’s end.

A perfect blend of harmonies, Kandy Apple Redd are bringing all the receipts of their natural talent, showing off their creative chops and fully deserving of all their accomplishments so far. ‘Do Things’ is positive in its commercial potential, checking all the right boxes for a great contemporary r & b sound and not lacking in the artists’ commitment to good music. An overall vibrant piece that is full of confidence, conviction and style, this song will definitely be on your favourite playlist to listen to all day…and especially at night!

As the granddaughters of legendary Funk and R&B maestro George Clinton, the Clinton cousins' gift for music came naturally, but not without effort and commitment. Kandy Apple Redd has been on the road for the past decade honing their craft performing in concert with Parliament-Funkadelic over 200 nights a year. It was on a tour where they met Isotopia magic maker, Constance Hauman who pledged to work to polish their proverbial apple.

Written by Paul Hill and Kandy Apple Redd with production by Atlanta's Jamm Lewis, "Do Things" received a global assist from Dublin based engineer James Darkin (Gavin James, Kanye West, Sinead O'Connor, Rihanna).

Stream Do Things below:

Connect with Kandy Apple Redd:

Facebook: @kandy.appleredd

Twitter: @kandyapplereddd

Instagram: @kandyapplereddd


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