Franky Fade Unleash New Single, "My Girlfriend" From Upcoming Album

Franky Fade Unleash New Single, "My Girlfriend" From Upcoming Album

Alabama born Singer/Songwriter Franky Fade has released the first single, My Girlfriend from his up and coming album, Songs From My Dreams.

Songs From My Dreams is a concept album that literally comes from his dreams and motivated him to record and produce it himself. The first single, ”My Girlfriend” is one reflection of his series of dreams. “I had a dream that I was at an island/African outdoor party and I heard the groove and guitar melody. I had to immediately wake up and record the music or else I would lose it. The lyrics came at a later time, which is about having a casual partner, that you're starting to develop feelings for,” Franky said about the latest single.

Though born in Alabama, Franky was raised in San Bernardino, California. He started to compose music and engineer in high school, then became motivated to pursue a career as a music producer. Flying to Brazil in 2015 was the first step into a brand new journey as a singer & performer.

In 2016, he released the single, “On My Laptop” from the album, ”Charme Vol. 1”. In 2018, he released the single, “Work It” from the album, ”Smoove". During the years, he continued to produce and write for other artists such as The Avila Brothers (Usher, Janet Jackson) Deborah Cox, LaToiya Williams, Angel Taylor, Mac Miller, The Game, and amongst others. On April 20, 2020, he will release his new project, "Songs From My Dreams".


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