Fe Salomon Releases Surprise Four-Track EP “Taxicabs”

Showcasing four tracks of Fe's richly orchestrated and darkly adventurous alternative/pop, the EP arrives in tandem with a suitably cinematic video for its lead-single and title-track: "Taxicabs".

From the worn taxicab backseats to the rain-spattered backstreets, the 'Taxicabs' EP follows a loose narrative of lives lived in the city and the disparate stories of those who course through it day-in and day-out. Written at a point in her own career in which she was precariously balancing three different jobs to make ends meet, the songs of the 'Taxicabs' EP stem from a particularly personal chapter of Salomon's life and are strewn with potent memories of people and places she encountered during that period.


As Fe explains of the new release:

"The 'Taxicabs' EP is a melancholy romance of a city. A collection of 4 songs about survival, friendships, relationships and loneliness. It's probably the most intimate piece of work I've done... These songs bring back a whirlwind of memories, good, bad and indifferent, all of which have shaped me into who I am today." Centred around Salomon's intimate vocal and evocative storytelling, couplets like those in the title-track: ''the street corners they warn her, tell her what you need her to be. The city she kissed me, she swears that she'll miss me but I don't feel nothing you see" find Fe at her plaintive best and will haunt and enchant listeners with equal measure. Bringing additional clout to her latest compositions, classical maestro Johnny Parry offers brooding, baroque-pop arrangements with a Vaughan-Williams-esque heft. Elsewhere, a co-write with seminal Squeeze songsmith Chris Difford (on the vulnerable "That's Just Life"), make for a suite of songs of strident ambition that truly separate Salomon from the pack.


With a debut solo album, 'Living Rooms', expected early-on in 2023 - watch this space for further new music from Fe Salomon in the months to come.

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