European Soulful Newcomer Lea Danis Drops New Single, "Closer"

European Soulful New Singer Lea Danis Drops New Single, "Closer"

They never met but made a song about (making) love. Rising pop star and music producer CELØ from Brazil with singer LEA DANIS from Slovakia released their first ever single, "Closer."

The emotional song chronicles deep affection. Lea talks a story about two lovers waking up in the morning and making love. But is the song only about that one thing really?

Fresh future bass/r’n’b sound by Brazilian music producer alongside with Lea’s soulful lyrics brings this special vibe and goes an extra mile.

The Slovak R&B/pop artist shares the inspiration behind the track:

"This world is very lonely and I realize how beautiful is to have somebody who makes you feel like home. Every moment in the arms of the love is the most precious moment we can have. The first impression might be that this song is only about making love, about lovers and sex, well it is, but the bottom line is to have somebody in your life who you want to ‘come closer’ to. On both physical and mental level. The beat from CELØ was just perfect for this topic and I’m happy we ‘e-met’ and were able to finish this track as it is. I love the vibe."

The song comes with a charming one-take dance video with Lea and her crew.


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