Ercy Mirage Set To Release New Album "Glimpses of Me" On September 1st

Ercy Mirage Set To Release New Album "Glimpses of Me" On September 1st

Brooklyn, New York's dance and tech-house artist Ercy Mirage to release new album "Glimpses of Me" on the Substantial Music label September 1st, 2020. "Glimpses of Me" is Ercy Mirage's third studio album on which he collaborated with Zoya, worked with grammy nominated music engineer Maxim Morin, and songwriter Anisa H. The album is a complex compilation of sounds officially labeled dance and EDM but with multi-generational influences that span the decade's and genres. "Glimpses of Me" is a masterfully crafted album achieving a definitive release from one of the eras up and coming artists.

A complex compilation of sounds intertwined with modern Techno/Tech-house heavy basslines and rumbling percussions peaking in decibels. Glimpses of nights out deep in the N.Y.C. after-hours nightlife. Deep-House inspired and infused tech that ascends to a heavy afro-like vibe that embodies this whole album. Mesmerizing vocals performed by talented Maria, aka 'Zoya' accompanied by throbbing 808's that make you skip a beat. Boundless talent with a multifaceted set of skills, Ercy Mirage aka Ercy Leka is a tech veteran who is no stranger to creativity with a high caliber of expertise as a composer, director, engineer, producer of audio/film/photo, and Adobe master. Ercy has an impressive portfolio of projects produced for juggernauts such as Lexus, General Electric, ABC Studios, Pepsi Cola, and has worked alongside Grammy-winning artists like Rick Rubin and The Weekend.

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