Elle Varner’s Drops New EP "Ellevation"

Elle Varner’s Drops New EP "Ellevation"

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Elle Varner has returned with her long-awaited project titled Ellevation via Entertainment One, her first official release since 2012’s Perfectly Imperfect.

The new EP which examines the ups and downs of a relationship was executive produced by Varner herself with featured production from Nascent, Jordan Ware, Jason Avalos and Los Hendrix. It also includes guest appearances from rappers Wale and Rapsody.

It may have taken Varner some years to follow-up with Perfectly Imperfect — due to business and other personal reasons — but Ellevation was well worth the wait. In an age where some artists are pressured to follow a particular trendy sound to get recognition, Varner chose to stay true to herself. As a result, she delivered an impressive body of work that could very well be considered an album.


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