Dr. Dre Returns To The Studio

Dr. Dre Returns To The Studio

Dr. Dre is getting back to making music a day after being released from the hospital for a brain aneurysm.

Some of Dre’s collaborators shared a photo of him on Saturday (Jan. 16th) while seated in front of a studio console looking happy and healthy, and joined by engineers and producers.

The rap mogul was discharged from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. hospital on Friday (Jan. 15) to make a full recovery at home while being monitored by medical professionals 24/7 according to TMZ after suffering a brain aneurysm.

It’s unclear what triggered the bleeding but doctors cautiously informed Dre’s family that a “bad outcome” is unlikely. Dre is fortunate as brain aneurysms result in death about half the time, according to TMZ. For those who survive, about two out of three suffer some sort of permanent neurological deficit.

Numerous stars and collaborators shared their support on social media while he was admitted. "It's still Dre Day. Still keep the family in your prayers. You never know yall," tweeted actor O'Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube's son.

"GET WELL DR DRE WE NEED U CUZ," Snopp Dogg wrote on Instagram with a video of himself and Dr. Dre. "Prayers up for Dr. Dre and his family for healing & Strength over his mind & body," wrote on Twitter Missy Elliot.

"Send your love and prayers to the homie Dr. Dre," Ice Cube tweeted who was also the one to share the good news on Twitter and revealed that he had a FaceTime call with Dre. “Update: Just FaceTimed with @drdre,” he tweeted. “He just made it home. Safe and looking good.”

Stream Dr. Dre's music below:

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