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DEATHRETRO - Release New Single "Exit Point"

Deathretro Release Driving, Dystopian New Single, "Exit Point" now available on Archodia Play.

Today, DEATHRETRO motor back into earshot with the darkly exhilarating new single: “Exit Point”. Plotting a rapid follow-up to their acclaimed 2021 debut album, the track arrives as the first insight of what the band confirm will be their upcoming second full studio release.


Whereas much of their debut album, ‘Deathretro’, was thrashed out during the band’s first incarnation almost 15 years ago, “Exit Point” stands as Deathretro’s first completely original composition in over a decade.

A frenzied post/punk thrill, it veers and swerves through surf-carved curvatures and barbed guitar prangs, as the band spout nihilistic lyrics for the end-of-days. “In the bowels, the people scream. Humanity, it appeals to me. Dirty machine, a wretched beast, We give life to the old devil,” howl Deathretro.

Touching on the darkest of themes with a white-hot intensity, “Exit Point” rages against religion and propaganda in a dystopian realm of vivid, Dantean imagination.


Having already aired the track live at a smattering of live fixtures, Adrian of Deathretro sums up the response so far: "This is the only second album track that we have played live and to great reception…It’s punky, urgent, does its job and f**ks off".

Around the release, Deathretro are lining up a run of Spring headline shows and Summer festival dates (including Bluedot and Kendal Calling) that will offer fans another opportunity to catch the band performing “Exit Point” live.



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