Davido Announces "Blow My Mind Challenge" With Up To 500K For Grabs

Davido announces "Blow My Mind Challenge" With Up To 500K For Grabs

Nigerian megastar #Davido recently collaborated with American superstar #ChrisBrown on his latest "Blow My Mind" single. The video to the irresistible Afrobeats bop became the first video in Nigeria to hit 2 million views in 24 hours.

Now Davido has announced the "Bow My Mind" challenge for fans loving the new jam with along with a mouthwatering cash prize of up to 500 thousand naira ($1,400.00).

"It’s that time again! Infinix family feeling my new single “Blow My Mind” and they wanna reward the best covers!", Davido posted on Instagram. "You can win 500k and other amazing stuff in the #InfinixAndDavido#BlowMyMindChallenge‬ just by following the instructions! Let’s go @infinixnigeria”, he added.

Basically the challenge is to sing or rap to ‘Blow My Mind‘ instrument and upload on social media with specific hashtags.

Blow My Mind is one of the biggest songs in Africa currently.

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