Dance Pop Singer Steel Maggie Explores The Duality of Healing in New Single, "Out Of Eden"

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Rising Dance Pop singer-songwriter, Steel Maggie, has released her latest single, Out of Eden. The track explores the price of freeing your soul, the exhilaration and confusion of ending internal war, and the joy and grief from claiming a new identity.

Musically, ‘Out of Eden’ is an emotionally charged and theatrical work of dance-pop, with synths that swallow you whole, kick drums that start your engines, and ethereal arpeggiations to awaken the open road within you. "It is about the total breakdown of who I thought I was, everything I thought I wanted, what I believed to be my place in this world. This song expresses a major Steel Maggie lyrical theme: duality. The duality of the freedom of choice, the exhilaration and the insecurity, the joy and grief of a new identity and leaving everything you thought you knew,” says Steel Maggie. “In ‘Out of Eden,’ I give up the internal fight, leave the Demolition and destruction behind, and take my own path on the open road," she adds.

Steel Maggie made her independent debut with the EP release of Demolition Woman in 2018. Heavily influenced by Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, The Killers, and Christine and the Queens, her sonic landscape is a shimmering marriage of 1980s-reminiscent dance-pop and her love of dramatic, literary, and mythological themes. With powerful vocals and musings on self-worth, duality, addiction, and recovery, she delivers both incisive introspection and poignant revelations in every song.

As an artist with bipolar disorder, also recovering from alcoholism with 13 months of sobriety, Steel Maggie envisions her music to be an audio injection of pure inner strength and self-worth for herself and others.

The new track was written and performed by Steel Maggie and produced by John McLucas and is now available on VMN Music.

Listen to Steel Maggie's latest single Out Of Eden below.

Stream Steel Maggie's Music

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