Country-Pop Singer Jessamynn Is Set For Her Debut Single Release, "Gold"

Country-Pop Singer Jessamynn Is Set For Her Debut Single Release, "Gold"

Country-pop singer-songwriter JESSAMYNN is set to release her debut single “Gold.” The talented songstress’s first single serves as a deep reflection and ode of gratitude during a year the globe was hit with incomprehensible destruction and loss.

Written and performed by JESSAMYNN, with production, mixing, mastering, guitars, and bass by Andrew McMillan, and drums by Matt Young, “Gold” explores travels, trials, failures, and simple joys.

“I’ve moved around the country for most of my life chasing my musical aspirations. This song was written at the very moment I processed the realization that all the fame and fortune I had been searching for just wasn’t as important as finding reasons to be grateful for surviving each day,” says JESSAMYNN. “For so many people, creatives included, finding the gold to hang onto in life is one of the best survival skills we’ve got.”

JESSAMYNN is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose journey has unfolded on both coasts and in the American Southwest. Hailing from everywhere and nowhere at once, the songwriter was born in Dallas and grew up primarily in a small New England town before returning to Texas for over a decade. When asked where she’s from, the response of “Dallas born, Yankee bred” is the easiest way to answer. Years spent studying music and exploring the southwest from a car window on tours led her to a move to Los Angeles, California just before the fated COVID-19 Pandemic closed down the industry in 2020.

The upcoming release was written in a bungalow in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 lockdown with just a guitar, this is the song that started the entire JESSAMYNN project. The track features the emotional and soothing vocals of JESSAMYNN and will be available on VMN Music this January 15th.

This will be her first release of 2021 as she is slated to release more singles later this year.

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