Chris Robins Releases New Single & Music Video To "Lullaby"

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Chris Robins Releases New Single & Music Video To "Lullaby"

R&B singer-songwriter Chris Robins has released his new single "Lullaby", under Omega Musix Group. The captivating track breathing lust and temptation was written & produced by Chris himself, as well as Justin Toito, Adam Shomer & Jonathan Pike.

“Lullaby” is the story of a man reminiscing about a woman that used to be his secret lover; a couple now seeking love and affection, which translates into nights of long-lasting pleasure. “Lullaby” is the second offering off Chris’ upcoming EP, due this year. Chris infuses a total R&B vibe to his carefully crafted lyrics, to portray his true self. The track is released along with Chris’s first music video.

On the inspiration behind the song, Chris shares “‘Lullaby’ is intended to let your imagination flow while relating or fantasizing about a similar situation that may or could have happened to you.” He continues, warning that he “is not responsible for any hazardous baby-making while listening.”

Chris Robins is an R&B singer-songwriter from Montreal. After perfecting his craft for a couple of years, Chris decided to join the popular reality show Occupation Double: South Africa in Fall 2019. Averaging one million viewers per episode in Quebec, he made a name for himself and stood out as one of the most loved personalities on the show. Newly signed to Omega Musix Group, Chris is now ready to conquer the music industry by storm after releasing his first single “How 2 Luv”.


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