Chris Kirby Releases New Single "Better Not Let Me Down", Embarks On A Canadian Tour

Chris Kirby Releases New Single "Better Not Let Me Down", Embarks On A Canadian Tour

Canadian soul singer and songwriter Chris Kirby releases new single “Better Not Let Me Down” co-written and featuring Michelle Bensimon of Caveboy.

“Better Not Let Me Down”, an emotional, dark, indie rocker with tinges of blues and pop blended in is the second single from Chris Kirby’s upcoming album “What Goes Around”.

Chris Kirby is an award-winning producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with Matt Andersen, Juno award winners The East Pointers and Stephen Fearing, as well as East Coast favourites The Once, Tim Chaisson, Quote the Raven and many more.

“Better Not Let Me Down” was written by Chris Kirby and Michelle Bensimon over Skype a few months after they met at a songwriting camp in Los Angeles. The camp began the morning after the United States Presidential election in 2016 and the song is based on their collective experiences and observations on the people and political climate in California and the US in general.

“The political climate in the US while we were there was tense, to say the least,” says Chris Kirby about writing the single with Michelle. “We tried to reflect this tension in the lyrics of the song, and I also applied quite a bit of tension in the production. The song was written about a moment in time three years ago that is still just as relevant today.”

“Better Not Let Me Down” is the second single from Chris’ upcoming album What Goes Around. What Goes Around is his first album in seven years, which also features the hot new single “Pot of Gold”. After two sold out album preview shows in Halifax and St. John’s, Chris is gearing up for the release of “What Goes Around” with a Canadian tour, as well as the “Earle and Kirby Tour” with Nick Earle starting on October 23rd.

Chris Kirby - Tour Dates

September 21 - Patchwork House Concerts - Bedford, NS, Canada

September 27 - The Pourhouse - Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

September 28 - New Scotland Brewing Co. - Dartmouth, NS, Canada

October 12 - Overflow Brewing Company (supporting MonkeyJunk) - Ottawa, ON, Canada

October 18 - House Concert - Guelph, ON Canada

October 23 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Melville, SK, Canada

October 24 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Canora, SK, Canada

October 25 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Indian Head, SK, Canada

October 26 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Biggar, SK, Canada

October 28 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Kindersley, SK, Canada

October 29 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Hudson Bay, SK, Canada

October 30 - Earle & Kirby Tour - La Ronge, SK, Canada

November 1 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Rosthern, SK, Canada

November 2 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Humboldt, SK, Canada

November 4 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Moosomin, SK, Canada

November 5 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Weyburn, SK, Canada

November 6 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Estevan, SK, Canada

November 7 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Shaunavon, SK, Canada

November 9 - Earle & Kirby Tour - Tisdale, SK, Canada

Listen to the new single below!


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