China Paige Discusses Her Latest Album, "Up With Love," Diana Ross's Influence, And Working Hard

Updated: Mar 25

China Paige Discusses Her Latest Album, "Up With Love," Diana Ross's Influence, And Working Hard

CHINA began her career as a background vocalist for Diana Ross and later touring as Lead Background vocalist for Mary Wilson in 2002-2004. She is the great-niece of Maxayn Lewis's former vocalist dancer of Ike&Tina Turner's (ikettes), Gino Vannelli and Madonna.

China burst onto the music scene with the Paul Johnson planetary hit "Doo Wap" which lead to collaborations under renown alias brand names "Chynna Paige" "Chynna Blue" with production team David Guetta and Joachim Garraud leading their nomination for NRJ music award 2009.

She's Contributed to the album "Black & White" of DJ Charles Schillings, and to "You Can Dance" Dj Miss Ketty, Teo Moss. Today, her first solo smooth jazz album project "UP WITH LOVE" was created with a lot of love where less is more. Beautiful vocals, wonderful soulful jazz music creating a Nice vibe & very easy listening. China's second album Dance project "POP LIFE" is a Fun party album of electro, dance nu-disco, and pop.

Hello China Paige, thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to talk with us today, to reach out to your fans and let them know a few more things about you and your music.

Thank you VMN.

Who is China Paige?

I am am product of a music loving family. I developed several interests as a teen and singing was the interest that stuck. I sang with a few churches with family and that led me to Part-time work as a vocalist for House Music producers. I'm a singer songwriter who is unapologetically determined do the music she loves without being known for a specific genre. I love smooth soulful music because i am a thinker and smooth relaxes me.

Tell us a little more about what inspired you to a musical career.

it's culmination of Artist whose music influenced me and music that I like listening to. My mother was my inspiration and she sang to us as children, mostly gospel songs but she'd teach my siblings and myself the chorus which we politely sang/SHOUT out when pointed at /directed by her to do so. Miss Ross was also my biggest inspiration.

Your latest release, "Up With Love" is out now and on VMN Music. What is the story behind the album?

The Story behind the release is Love. It might sound corny but it's true. I am in love with Love and positive affirmation. It makes me smile to think about it. It began the first time I began listening to the tracks. I remember vividly how the effect was immediately soothing, the days stress melted away and i felt myself smile. I guess you could say "Up With Love" is my way of bottling a vibe and sharing with the world in hopes they feel what I felt.

As a background vocalist for Diana Ross in the early stages of your career, what was that experience like?

Diana Ross

It was the most exciting and at that point in my career the experience was the most professional of my life. The experience was school in that it helped to shape me. I began to understand that what I did was a craft and it had to be honed. She is a class act and one of the most versatile artist of our time she sings it all ( Rnb, Soul, Disco, Jazz, Pop ).

Who are your favorite musicians and how did they influence your music and style?

Frank Sinatra and George Michael (for the same reason as sting.)

Sting, sing "Moonlight" from the "Sabrina" Movie soundtrack. The vocals are mesmerizing. The music is mesmerizing. He allows a track to breathe and music is highlighted as well as his vocals.

Michael Franks. His phrasing and small vocal nuances that meld with the music in his tracks less is more is what i learned from him.

Sade, Amy Winehouse with Tony Bennett, Julie Holiday, Nancy Wilson, Lady gaga

(Smooth Jazz). These artists allow Raw emotions rule over a technically correct vocal.

Puts you in a nice mood. Makes you want to take off your shoes and open a good bottle of wine or champagne.

Are you currently working on any new music at the moment?

Yes. i am currently writing on new material as well as learning a couple of standards. And a beautiful song Portuguese.

What have been the greatest challenges/frustrations of your career so far?

The challenges is the time it takes to organize a team. Organize wonderful Musicians to create a wonderful show. For instance my drummer of choice is Vince Wilburn he is connected to the top musicians. But first he has his uncles legacy to co-manage. To get someone like him involved takes funds. And videos are a plus.

Before I submit to feeling of Frustration I simply play the album "Up With Love". Because FRUSTRATION. causes pre-mature aging 🤗.

How do you define success as a musician?

This VMN interview people hearing my music. Being blessed to be able to do what I love.Traveling and meeting other artists.

Outside making music, What else do you enjoy doing most?

I love reading, I love biographical movies on other artist or business moguls because it inspires me to keep going. I like sitting in cafes and art.

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time?

At the top of my game living in a villa in French Riviera or Senegal.

Any advice for the younger generation aspiring to become musicians?

Study and learn your craft. Learn to be self-motivated. Invest in yourself. Be open to suggestions and direction. Get your paperwork together (i.e. join BMI, ASCAP, SACEM) It's super rewarding to create product you be proud of but when you work and finance the product yourself. You 1.) Appreciate and respect the hustle more 2.) You own it.

Always Do you.

Where can we find you online?

I don't do Social Media very well but find me on Facebook:

Also, I am the lead vocalist for the band THE JEROMES. Check them out on