Cheryll Releases "Transition THE EP"

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South London R&B newcomer Cheryll returns for her first release of the year. The Indie Singer has released her much-anticipated EP, "Transition The EP" after releasing several singles over the last few years.

Cheryll focuses on her previous and current relationships on this new project with can be heard on all the songs as she completely opens up to her listeners whilst discussing some of her experiences.


On Transition The EP, Cheryll manages to perfectly mix conventional and non-conventional R&B sounds and made them her own. A born singer and songwriter, Cheryll has collaborated with the likes of Ray Alex, Docta Dee and Rebecca Winter on her previously released singles leading up to Transition The EP.

The EP itself has many personal inspirations. Musically, the style and sound of Transition took some inspiration from the style of early Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. As well as this, Cheryll was working on a lot of various songs over a 3 year period. From this 3 year period, she found herself as a musician in this. Transition The EP is the embodiment of that realisation that these 5 songs worked the best in terms of what she would like her music to sound like. The 5 songs on the EP expressed how she felt at the time of creation; they were also able to capture the vibe she was going for. In this case, the vibe was a mixture of the noughties and the current sound of this decade.


After listening to the EP once, you can hear how perfectly Cheryll has fused the sounds from different decades so well. The songs from the EP were recorded in various studios over a 3 year period. D’wante Navire produced each song on the project and was the sole engineer.

The first of many more releases to come, Cheryll has already made her mark and this EP will solidify her position as a musician even further.

Click here to play "Transition The EP" by Cheryll

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