Cherish Drops Second Single 'Self Destruction'

R&B group Cherish announced back in February they were working on new music. "We’re gonna release four songs, and they’re gonna be back to back," they said via a Facebook live session. Earlier this month they came through on their promise with a brand new single, "One Time."

Yesterday, the group released a second single, "Self Destruction." The new song was written by Fallon, produced by super producer Cassius Jay and is a soft ballad about the rise and fall of a broken relationship that could ultimately end up toxic.

"The feeling that I’m feeling when I’m with you / It feels so good, it can’t be good / The passion when we grabbin when I’m near you / It’s always good / Until everything comes crashing down,” they sing.

Talking about their new music, the group said, "You’re going to feel happy, sad, and decades worth of influences from 80s to modern with this record."

Cherish, who has been writing songs for artists like Jacob Latimore, and Tamar Braxton is planning to release new one new song each week until the release of their Free The Lyrics 1 & 2 EP which will both be available early summer, with a full length album coming after.

This will be Cherish's first album in four years when released.

Listen to Self Destruction below!


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