Chante Moore Drops New Single 'Real One'

Chante Moore Drops New Single 'Real One'

R&B songstress Chanté Moore's 7th studio album "The Rise Of The Phoenix" is due out in September. But while we wait, she releases a new single, "Real One" off the forthcoming project.

Her last album, "Moore Is More" dates back to 2013. That is four years since Moore last released any new project which gives The Rise Of The Phoenix more anticipation.

Speaking about the album, Moore said, "The Phoenix is a powerful mythological symbol of renewal. It lives a long life, burns to ashes, but reemerges more beautiful and more powerful than ever. I relate to that." "This album reflects where I am now in my life," she continues. "I am perfecting myself. I continue to learn how to burn away the old mindset, the negativity that weighed me down so I can become the best me. I am the Phoenix rising and I’m living my life again!"

Listen to the new single below!

This post was first published in February and has been updated.


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