Cha Wilde Questions Her Relationship Between "Love & Freedom" In New 8-Track Album

Indie pop singer-songwriter Cha Wilde has released her latest album, Love & Freedom. The 8-track album, featuring the previously released single “Rose Gold,” is available now available on Archodia Play.

Cha Wilde Questions Her Relationship Between "Love & Freedom" In New 8-Track Album

Her latest work introduces an element of hip-hop in its percussion, blended with Wilde’s signature soft, emotional vocals, with a touch of world influence. Going into this winter, it’s an album of reflection.

Cha asks herself in this album: “Do my dreams align with the dreams of my lovers? How quickly can I fall in love? Do I have the courage to let go of everything and trust the mysterious universe? If I travel out, will I come home to love? If I explore this Earth freely, where will I find love? Is the love I desire actually within me already? Does falling in love set me free? Won’t somebody love me the way I want to be loved?


“I’ve been told repeatedly, all the love and all the freedom is within me. I journey and create to understand what this means,” says Cha. “I experience love and freedom in all of us now. I offer love and freedom to other beings through my art, teachings, and presence. I’m breathing life back into our bodies.”

The entire album was written, performed, produced, and mixed by Cha Wilde and mastered by Amery Schmeisser.

Earlier this year, Cha released another 8-track album with her partner, Davey Browne, called Wilde & Browne. The album featured the hit song “Black Bunny Ears” and was featured in Chicago Music Guide, Cultartes, Divine Magazine, Indie Music Discovery, and INFO Music, and was praised as a “perfect end of summer album.”


Cha Wilde is an artist & yogi from many places, mostly Seattle. In music, she works as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. She writes songs about love & freedom. She’s currently traveling the world exploring medicine music and somatic awareness.

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