Cenza Ready To Kick Off Her 2021 Campaign With New Anthem "Unhinged"

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Rising alt-pop singer-songwriter Cenza (chen-za) is set to release her latest single “Unhinged” this Friday 5th March.

Unhinged is Cenza's first single of the year and serves as an anthem that celebrates the fear and courage it takes to make a major life change.


With music and lyrics by Cenza, music, production, and mixing by Jay-Elle, and additional mixing and mastering by JD Moon, “Unhinged” will mark Jay-Elle and Cenza’s third collaboration and features a richly complex alt-pop mix and crisp vocals.

“I wrote this song when I realized I needed a change. I needed to cut a cord and enter a new chapter in my life,” says Cenza. “Breaking free of something that is stunting your growth is terrifying and can throw us completely off-balance, but it’s ultimately the best thing you can do for yourself. Feeling like you don’t know what’s next should be something that is celebrated and embraced, because that when the good stuff starts to happen. That’s what this song is. And just wait for the music video,” continued Cenza.

Cenza released her first two singles in 2020 and is currently working on her debut album with a music video for “Unhinged” in pre-production slated for an April release.


Born and raised in Red Bank, NJ, Cenza (chen-za) is an NYC-based pop singer, songwriter, and co-producer. Inspired by classic divas like Cher, Lady Gaga, and Judy Garland, Cenza offers an unforgettable music experience. As a classically trained piano player and a self-taught guitarist, Cenza brings a unique flavor of structure and freedom to her music. Cenza is the alias of critically acclaimed actress Emily Keefe, and chose her name in honor of her grandfather, Vincent, often called "Vincenzo" or "Cenzo."

Cenza released her first two singles, City Lights and Thriving in 2020, and has since been featured in numerous magazines including Aesthetic Magazine, Mixx Magazine, Music Crowns, Skope Magazine, Switch Bitch Magazine, and more. The singles were praised as “an example of her creative genius, artistic musicality, and ability to inspire.”

Influenced by grandiose divas of a by-gone era, Cenza is known for her unique voice. Her voice is "electrifying, smooth, and radiant" has "a raw power and depth" with “a very impressive vocal range” and “gorgeous timber.” Her Song calls Cenza an artist who “empowers your soul.”

Unhinged drops this Friday, March 5th and will be available on VMN Music.

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