Cato Returns With The Part Two Of The Music Video For "Slow Down"

Cato Returns With The Part Two Of The Music Video, "Slow Down"

Brooklyn based R&B singer/songwriter Cato has released the much-anticipated part 2 video for his latest single, "Slow Down".

The new video, "Released" is the conclusion of the previous break up story about the pain, insecurity, and paralysis we can face when trying to leave bad relationships, the one that began with "Slow Motion". Here, we see Cato struggling against himself not to fall back into the bad relationship he just left. While he's finally ended things, the true test is just beginning.

"Released" is a song about breaking up with someone who's repeatedly done you wrong. The song expresses the anger we feel towards ourselves for having stayed so long, as well as a hard-hearted resolve to get rid of the person who's caused us so much pain. The message is simple: no matter what someone has done to you, once you realize you deserve more, you can finally release them and free yourself of their burden.

Cato is a Brooklyn-based R&B singer/songwriter with a sound that fuses Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel. Cato uses his music to give voice to the complex feelings and experiences we sometimes struggle to express as we go through the journey of life.

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