Candice Nelson Releases New And First Album "Moments"

Many of us may not know Candice Nelson but she has been the pen behind some classic hits by other artists including the likes of Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. Now is the time for her voice to be heard as she just released her new and first studio album "Moments" via East-West Connector/DropSquad Ent.

“The Moments album takes the listener down the path I traveled to reach my current perspective. I go from seeking acceptance to accepting myself and understanding that there is more in life to love than the idea of being in love. I had always written about my love life for other artists. When I sat down with Balewa Muhammad, to create this body of work, I expressed that I wanted it to be a reflective piece about what I’ve learned from loves and relationships past. The musical backdrop has some Hip Hop, folk, and Classic R&B elements that fuse well to paint the perfect picture of nostalgia wrapped in contentment,” Nelson said.

Moments is available now for download on iTunes!


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