Canadian R&B Duo Fake Fake Return With "Pretty Black Balloons"

Canadian R&B Duo Fake Fake Return With "Pretty Black Balloons"

Following their genre-bending debut in May 2019 with single “Goodnightmare”,

Victoria (Canada) based R&B duo Fake Fake return with their sophomore release "Pretty Black Balloons".

A darker contrast to the energetic romp of their debut, “Pretty Black Balloons” introduces the tender, more cinematic side of the duo’s songwriting. With a track length of just 2 minutes and 22 seconds, producer Charlotte Hynds and vocalist Justin Campbell leave no pause and let nothing repeat, prompting listeners to revisit each second on their own terms.

“The vocal idea that initially inspired “PRETTY BLACK BALLOONS” was only ever a single verse and chorus, and stayed in that format for a long time. When we started approaching the song as a duo and began to expand and lengthen parts, it never quite held the same magic of that first demo. The lyrical content is heavily steeped in themes of self discovery and acceptance, so it felt right completing the song using that initial form and feel," said Fake Fake in a statement.

Stream the latest release below!


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