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CAESAR SPENCER - Releases New Single: "Waiting For Sorrow" || Announces Autumn Album


CAESAR SPENCER has announced the Autumn release of his new album: ‘Get Out Into Yourself’. Primed for release on the 4th of November 2022 (via New Radio Records), it will present 11 tracks of cinematic baroque-pop and classical songwriting imbued with a warm feeling of familiarity while also defying easy categorisation.

In anticipation of the release, Caesar is pleased to present its lead single: “Waiting for Sorrow” yesterday, along with an official video.


With its lush production and a loquacious lyrical style laid down by Caesar’s rich, earthy baritone, “Waiting for Sorrow” is a swelling and heartfelt tribute to the acclaimed Irish playwright Samuel Beckett (“Waiting for Godot”) who, like Caesar Spencer, was also a Paris resident for much of his adult life. As in the play, “Waiting for Sorrow” explores the symbiotic (or even solipsistic) nature of relationships. This is a key concept which is further developed throughout the rest of the album.

From the radio static that welcomes the listener in, to its ricocheting rhythm sections and its soaring guitar break; “Waiting for Sorrow” is at once billowingly epic in its delivery, smoulderingly suave in its stylistics and brightly effervescent in its ambitions. Providing the single with a certain vintage panache, Jacqueline Taïeb, an artist who very much embodies the French yé-yé spirit of the 60s, also offers her inimitable vocals to the recording.


Continuing a long line of classic songwriters, from Scott Walker to Lee Hazlewood, Morrissey to Peter Doherty, who have long looked beyond their patch for inspiration and a deeper sense of connection, Caesar Spencer is an artist whose music could not have been born from residing in one country alone. An Englishman born in Peru, Caesar Spencer also happens to be Swedish, but now finds himself in France. Feeling musically uninspired by his humdrum life in Blighty and sensing an air of Brexit around him, Caesar made the conscious decision to move to Paris in search of new opportunities and a fresh fountain of creativity.

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