Brooklyn-Based R&B Singer Cato Releases New Single, "Rock Bottom"

Brooklyn-Based R&B Singer Cato Releases New Single, "Rock Bottom"

R&B singer/songwriter Cato releases his latest smooth vibe, "Rock Bottom".

"Rock Bottom" is a song about ending a bad relationship once and for all. It's written from a cold, brutally honest perspective, because the relationship has hit rock bottom. There's only pain at this point, so you've finally decided that you're done. No more trying to make things work or hoping for a change. The love is gone, and you're moving on.

"I think I got the best out of you / Hit the bottom there’s no pulling through / And this ain’t what I’m into / I’m through, I’m through, with you, I’m through," sings Cato on the Lloyd Mabuto written new jam.

The Brooklyn-based R&B singer/songwriter biggest inspirations include Motown greats, Gospel music, 90s Hip-Hop and R&B, and the Neo Soul artists of the early 2000s. Cato's sound is a unique blend of these influences, which he uses to share his experiences and help listeners move forward in their own dynamic journeys of love and life.

Listen Rock Bottom below and share your thoughts.


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