Brandy Haze Drops New EP "That's Unfortunate"

Alt R&B and pop/electronic artist Brandy Haze releases her latest EP "That's Unfortunate".

Known for her spellbinding melodies, soulful vocals, and raw lyrical content, the celebrated songwriter has built a reputation as one of the most talented up-and-comers.

That's Unfortunate details Brandy's own relatable "tragic love life" with her clever wordplay expressed through infectious hooks. Her music has over 4.3 million streams and has been featured on Almost Family, Entertainment Tonight, among others.


Originally from Chino Hills, California, multi-talented Los Angeles-based songwriter Brandy Haze found herself primarily influenced by contemporary R&B, trap, house, and electronic meets pop dance grooves.

With her debut project "Roses," Brandy Haze teamed up with Ian Thomas & Leven Kali to create a new style and approach to love songs. The project set a significant milestone for Brandy, whose talent continues to blossom into something special. Upon release, the single “Conditional” instantly became a cult classic featured on SoundCloud’s Artist to Watch 2018 playlist.

With two body of releases already under her belt, Brandy Haze introduced her last EP, "Silhouette" in February 2021. “Silhouette” boasts a beautiful tracklist of four sultry and seductive tracks that instantly fill the day or night with an air of nostalgia and charm.



Her latest EP That’s Unfortunate was formed with songs about Brandy’s own “tragic love life.” Combining Brandy’s signature soulful vocals with inventive R&B landscapes and versatile production, That’s Unfortunate is a musical escape where the songwriter has created a unique yet relatable world listeners can immerse themselves in.

Listen to her latest EP below:



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