Boston-based Wistful Indie Rock Collective Valleyheart Releases "Stepping Stone"

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Marked by introspective lyricism, mournful melodies, lush blankets of driving guitars and wistful vocal deliveries, Massachusetts’s Valleyheart is equal parts boldness and beauty. This is evident in their latest single, "Stepping Stone" released today 12 March 2021.

Led by singer/songwriter/producer Kevin Klein, the four-piece formed in 2016 with the idea of rearranging Klein’s haunting folk songs (written in his home closet studio) into dynamic rock statements.


"Stepping Stone" examines finding comfort, contentment and rest in everyday activities. It further examines living in the moment and how spiritual that practice can be. The song is off Valleyheart's forthcoming EP set for release later this month.

The band's first EP Nowadays arrived in 2017 and quickly gained attention across the scene for its relatable lyrics and nostalgic feel. Klein’s vision was further realized with the 2018 LP release Everyone I’ve Ever Loved. It was an immense step forward in both sound and story. A conceptual journey through identity and faith.

Now unveiling Scenery, the new EP is a collection of four songs that together convey a narrative, but also live in their unique place - both visually and sonically. Klein confides, “I would say the main underlying theme in our music is, as basic as it sounds, to understand the mystery of self, change, identity and life.”

Leading single “T.I.K” (an acronym for Thoughts I Keep) dives into the songwriters' own mind and contemplates understanding paradoxical behaviors. Studying the contradictory nature of the psyche, “T.I.K” is about how our opposing emotions and thoughts interact. Klein shares, “I wanted those tensions and that weight paralleled in the instrumentation; hence this probably being the heaviest and most hard-hitting track.” Clashing percussion and resonating guitars build to create a raucous and energetic atmosphere.


“Scenery” lyrically touches on the idea of feeling stuck emotionally, mentality and even physically - and the ways we tell ourselves we need to change our environment to change ourselves. The track examines the way we shake up our surroundings in search of mental clarity and peace. With a simpler approach, the song finds inspiration from the likes of some early 2000's alternative rock and creates its energy through a consistent groove and blend of drum machines and natural elements".

Valleyheart has been awarded “Rock Artist of the Year” at the Boston Music Awards and their album Everyone I’ve Ever Loved received a nomination for “Album of the Year.” The band enters 2021 with new music and a renewed creative push as they continue to carve out their own corner of the indie/alternative rock space.

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