Award-Winning Singer Vivian Green Releases Her Seventh Studio Album, "Love Absolute"

Award-Winning Singer Vivian Green Releases Her Seventh Studio Album, "Love Absolute"

The SRG/ILS Group in partnership with Make Noise Recordings has released the much anticipated “Love Absolute”, the seventh studio album from multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Vivian Green.

“I felt liberated to explore what was in my head without a spotlight, judgment or criticism while recording Love Absolute,” mentions Vivian. “I began writing songs at the piano when I was just eleven years old. For me, it is the purest expression of songwriting. My voice and the keys serve as vessels of the music in my head. In my solitude and away from the studio. While that surely comes later, I prefer the raw expression to come first, because there is certainly magic there. That magic is what makes “Love Absolute” different from my previous albums.”

“Every ballad and mid-tempo began at the piano. I went back to the genesis and purity of my craft. While there are tracks on previous albums that came about this way, I never intentionally and insistently made half of an album from scratch,” she recalls. “I’ve listened to “Love Absolute” many times and I must say that it’s wonderfully versatile and beautifully cohesive. It’s gentle, tough, regretful, sexy, honest, loving, and gives fans a look into my life. It also conveys self-love; love of my people; love of jazz; love of my privacy; and love of love. I haven’t made an album this honest in some years,” adds Vivian.

Love Absolute features guest appearances from Ghostface Killah, Internationally renowned saxophonist Mike Philips, family members including her sister and son Jordan.

Stream Love Absolute below:

Connect with Vivian Green: Website: Instagram: @IAmVivianGreen Twitter: @IAmVivianGreen Facebook: /IAmVivianGreen

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