Award-Winning International Artist Lyia Meta Releases Stunning New EP "15013"

Award-Winning International Artist Lyia Meta Releases Stunning New EP "15013"

Lyia Meta first burst onto the scene in 2016 with her phenomenal A.I.M-nominated debut EP “This Is Lyia,” and in 2021 the award-winning singer, songwriter and visual artist returns with her latest breathtaking project “15013.”

A fearless artist in every sense of the word, Meta has become renowned for her impressive ability to work in multiple genres, of which “15013” is an incredible example. Comprising six profound story-based tracks, the EP sees the globally acclaimed visionary boldly sharing her truth as she explores new sonic territory, delivering a compelling sound that maintains her earthy blues roots while introducing a dose of mesmerizing jazz into the mix.


“There is a certain magic when music and lyric can make you feel something, which is what I was striving for in ‘15013,’” Meta says. “There’s just so much happening in our world today that if a song can make you stop and forget all that, then it's magic. With ‘15013’ I found myself wanting to create a tapestry of emotions and words, letting the melody surround the listener. In music, there is a story for everyone and I wanted to tell stories and sing my truth.”

Featured on “15013” is the powerful and nostalgic track “Daylight,” which was recently nominated for The Rome Music Video Awards 2021 in the Original Song category. About the song, Meta says: “‘DAYLIGHT’ feels to me like I am in this emotional loop where I keep reliving all the memories and feelings that occurred at certain periods of my life.”

Meta is currently celebrating her nominations to the 2021 Josie Music Awards in the ARTIST OF THE YEAR Multi-Genre, ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR Multi-Genre, and VOCALIST OF THE YEAR Multi-Genre categories.


Born in Malaysia and currently based in the country’s capital city, Lyia Meta is a truly global artist who has won recognition all over the world. In addition to regularly performing throughout Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she has been invited to perform at the 8th edition of The Texas Sounds Music Awards in Jefferson, Texas this October; and she has been invited by Texas Tech University (Jefferson) to conduct a series of seminars on cultural exchange and tourism in Malaysia, through which she will promote cultural understanding and tourism between nations.

Stream the latest album below:

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