Austin Brown Offers Brand New Single To Make You 'Smile'

There are songs you hear and you can't stop hitting the repeat button over and over again.

Austin Brown's new single, "Smile" is one of those. The California born singer officially released the much anticipated single on June 1st and surely, it's one of those tracks that brings back memories and can even make you share a tear.

Talking about love and pour affection, with an acoustic ballad background, "Smile" is one of those songs that just remind you of how to love, be loved and more.

"I feel like every show you’re right here / See you in the corner of my eye," he sings. "Girl you make me feel so good, I just want to live up on the stage / Let me sing to you, I love to see you smile."

"'Smile' is about coming to grips with a love lost, closure with hope of a reunion. There’s never a chance real love will be gone forever, but you can look back and be happy for the times you had. With a guitar and mic to tell the story," he told ThisisRnB.

The new track is the very first from Brown's forthcoming Acoustic Sessions EP which is due this summer.

Take a listen below!


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