Atlas Elite Entertainment Join Forces with VMN Music For Artists' Discovery

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US recording label Atlas Elite Entertainment (AEE) join forces with VMN Music in a global partnership for artists' discovery and promotion.

As we continue to experience growth, we believe in global partnerships that can help shoot the career of the next big star to another level, while getting proper promotion and earning fair streaming revenue for their work. Hence we have partnered with one of the world's leading recording labels Atlas Elite Entertainment.

"We believe in communicating responsibly with each other, our partners, and the public at large in a balanced and fair matter in the sprint of cooperation. We believe in making positive contributions that enhance the lives of those with whom we do business. We believe in respecting the diversity of others. We believe in celebrating small successes in our journey to achieve bigger opportunities. We believe in acting with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth. We believe in leading by example. We believe in respecting ourselves and others." - AEE

Since we believe in the same goal, we are happy to be working with the team at AEE to continue offering that solid base to discover new talents, promote their work while they earn fair fan-based royalties for their work.


As part of this new collaboration, VMN Music will be offering a 3-months free SPOTLIGHT+ package to Atlas Elite Entertainment to promote new artists and incentives to boost artists' streaming revenue, music sales and awareness.

Dedicated to promoting people, music, talent, and vision in the music and entertainment industry, VMN Music SPOTLIGHT+ offers innovative ways of promoting all genres of music and gives artists new and exciting ways of building their brand and interacting with their followers – while also boosting record sales and streaming revenue. It is a promotion tool that boosts artists' online presence as well as offers them revenue generated from their increased exposures.

Commenting on the new partnership AEE said, "Our main goal is to build a network that provides a solid base for us to condu business that offers an opportunity for artists that supports the music platform they may have that are related to music and entertainment. Through strength in numbers and affiliations, we want to give them a voice in the music arena."

Visit Atlas Elite Entertainment (AEE) website.

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