Atlanta R&B Artist Felixx Releases New Self Titled EP

Atlanta R&B Artist Felixx Releases New Self Titled EP

To understand Felixx, one must know that he marches to the beat of his own rhythmic drum. Groomed from an early age to be a southern gentleman, the Monroe, Georgia-native has mastered the art of distinction. An impressive hybrid of sophistication and warmth, Felixx’s disposition parallels his approach to music as well.

A classically trained singer with influential energy from Mozart, John Mayer, Calvin Richardson, Prince, Justin Timberlake and Miguel, the R&B crooner is one of the few artists today to make records incorporating live instrumentation and does so with convincing passion. His moniker, taken from his birth name Felix Thompson with the addition of an “x,” refers to his “Clark Kent” ability to effortlessly transition from one genre to another while remaining GQ smooth.

Felixx talent has received attention from scouts on American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Voice. In addition to Felixx being Atlanta's choice for the 2015 BET Insta Star contest and receiving a spot in the final top five, he was also named 2015 Independent Artist of the Year.

Felixx’s self-titled debut EP features the lead single he co-wrote, “Keep Calm.” The instrument-laden, Hip-Hop flavored track boasts brilliant harmonies and catchy melodies.

Other standout records include "Applause," "Crazy," and “Give It to Me,” a slick, funky and sexy throwback-flavored offering that flirts on the border of Pop and Rock. With the release of Felixx's debut project in February of 2015, fans have been patiently waiting for some new heat.

Felixx new project features the HOT new singles "All Night". Showing musical diversity and seamlessly tying together R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock, Felixx truly is a unique example of contemporary art set to music.

Download the new Felixx - EP on iTunes!


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