Ashanti Talks New Single 'Lose Yourself,' New Sound

Photo: Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Ashanti is settling for new music, new sound in 2017.

After a busy start of the year with a mini tour of Europe along with Joe and spot dates with her longtime friend and collaborator Ja Rule, the New York native is preparing the release of new music with some fresh sounds.

On her recent interview with Harper Bazaar while in Europe, the 36-year-old revealed that her new single is called "Lose Yourself," and it will feature new sound that will surprise fans.

"My new single will be coming out very, very soon. I’m trying to get the video shot as soon as I get back," she said. "The song is incredible. I played it in one of the venues during soundcheck out here and the whole venue was like, ‘Holy sh*t, is that Ashanti’s new record?! No way!’ I’m just really excited about it. And obviously, being able to release my single on my own record label, called Written Entertainment, and having done everything independently, is such an awesome feeling. I’m stoked about that," she continued.

Shanti has been on her own indie scene for a while now.

Read the full interview here!


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