Artists Feature in the Atlas Elite Entertainment Magazine

Hello to all of the nominees of The 4th Annual Atlas Entertainment Music Awards (Online). We appreciate your participation in our award show this year. Your talent is awesome!

We would like for you to provide us with your best photo of you to appear in the next edition of the Atlas Elite Entertainment Magazine.

Sounds cool? Well, let's dive into it!

You may use your cell phone if the lighting is good and takes good photos. You may already have nice photos of you that you can send. We do not want you to necessarily spend a lot of money doing a professional photo shoot.

However, send one or two photos of you and a short BIO to

Our goal is for each of you to have a half or full-page article. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity.



If you have not been nominated for this year's 4th Annual Atlas Entertainment Music Awards (Online) but would love to get a feature in the Atlas Elite Entertainment Magazine, click here to submit your request!

We will keep you posted as we get closed to publication.

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