Angel Sessions Releases "The Best of Angel Sessions R&B" Album

Angel Sessions brings you her best, on her new album, “The Best of Angel Sessions R&B". The new 18-track album is a collection of previously released and new songs.

There is no stopping the legendary singer and songwriter, Angel Sessions as she continues to give to her fans, music to listen to. In 2021, Angel Sessions released two number 1 singles, “The L-o-v-e and "You Will Always Be (My Baby Girl)" that peaked at number 1 on the Archodia Play Charts in R&B and RNB Hits Radio Hot 100 Chart.


Through the years, Angel’s music has peaked at number 1, and she has her fans to thank for that. “I truly love my fans, Angel quotes. They are the ones that keep me motivated and going. I am thankful to God for the love my fans have shown me, and I want to give them always my best in music because music soothes the soul and can be very uplifting in the days, we live in.”

The new album, “The Best of Angel Sessions R&B" has songs previously released and 4 new songs added to the new album. All songs are lyrically written and vocally arranged by Angel Sessions. The first single off the album is called ‘You Missed A Good Thing” which was previously on Angel Sessions' first album, Introducing Angel.


This song has a fun up-tempo beat that tells a story about a girl telling her ex, you missed a good thang, and that she is gone, now that they have broken up. It’s a catchy hook song and a dance tune, with a funky sound.

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