Angel Sessions' Latest Gospel Single "The L-o-v-e" Is A Banger

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Following the success of her two previously released singles, Let's Wait Awhile and Ready to Rock in 2020, 8-time award winner singer and songwriter Angel Sessions started 2021 on a high note with the release of her current single, The L-o-v-e.

"I truly am amazed at the support of my music from all of my fans. I am so excited to release this new single because the message of the song is needed in the time that we are in," said Angel of the latest single.


The L-o-v-e is a song that tells a story, that if you truly have the love of Christ in your heart, then show it. Don't just say you love God but can not love your neighbor.

An upbeat song, The L-o-v-e was written by Angel Sessions and Tizone Street who is a platinum producer and worked with so many artists such as Mary J Blidge, The notorious BIG, (Biggie Smalls) The Braxtons sisters, Keith Sweat, and many more.

Angel's sweet voice sings the words, "If you see me fall, will you pass me by? And If I'm down in pain left to die will you just walk on by?" Her deliverance of the song will keep you listening and asking within yourself, Do you have the L-o-v-e in your heart?


Angel Sessions hit-making powers can not be underestimated. Her Ready to Rock and Let's Wait Awhile singles were a success for her Atlas Elite Entertainment team. Ready to Rock streamed over 7 million major streaming platforms combined and was also nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2021 January.

Let's Wait a While', a classic remake created from the original smash hit song by Janet Jackson also followed in the same success. Fans were thrilled to hear the remade classic and radio stations across the globe play the record over and over again.

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