Americana Duo Catfish Seminar Shares New Single, "The Fort"

Americana Duo Catfish Seminar Shares New Single, "The Fort"

Nashville-based Americana duo Catfish Seminar explores relationship struggles in their latest upbeat single “The Fort.”

The duo’s latest single explores fighting in relationships and questions the best approach to healthy arguing and the importance of taking space.


“We've all heard the old relationship advice, ‘don't go to bed angry.’ Well I disagree!” says Andi Jane of Catfish Seminar. “Sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and the best thing you can do is walk away, take a breather, maybe even sleep on it, and come back with a clear head.”

“The Fort” was written by Andi Jane, produced by Catfish Seminar and Charles Holloman, and recorded at East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals and features vocal performance and keys by Andi Jane, acoustic guitar and harmonica by Craig Anderson, drums by Kyra Curenton, bass by Andrew Thomas, mandolin by Thomas Townsley, and electric guitar by Will McFarlane.

Catfish Seminar is a wily and unpredictable Americana duo from the farmlands of Illinois, now living in Nashville, Tennessee. Together, Andi Jane and Craig Anderson are a musical yin and yang. Like a cross between Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks, or John Prine with Patsy Cline, they manage to bring what seem like two opposing styles and blend them to create an exciting and magnetic sound. Lyrically, they use clever, catchy rhymes to deliver thoughtful poetry, all the while combining Craig’s lilting, folky voice with Andi Jane’s piercingly soulful singing.


Their sound spans many genres, from rock n’ roll to jazz to bluegrass, all tied together with a retro-country bow. On stage, they are often introduced as “something you’ve never seen before.” With Andi Jane on keyboard and washboard, Craig on guitar and harmonica, they can charm the crowd as a duo, or up the ante with their accompanying band of drums, tuba, and horn section. With their energetic and upbeat show, balanced with moments of near-epic emotion, they have garnered a dedicated local following and were a favorite of Nashville’s own Americanafest this year. All in all, Catfish Seminar is not your typical Americana band. They are a walking contradiction that, somehow--magically--really works.

Listen below to the new single:

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