Alt-Indie Band Paging Doctor Moon Releases 5-Track E.P. "Bug"

Alt indie band Paging Doctor Moon has released their latest E.P., Bug, currently available on Archodia Play.

Alt-Indie Band Paging Doctor Moon Releases 5-Track E.P. "Bug"

The 5 track album features the smooth, soulful vocals of Kirsten Heibert, along with a variety of melodies as it emotionally develops and expands. The tracks are both catchy like a good pop song, but also full of moving surprises that keep audiences on a sensational journey as they listen.

“Bug is a short story of self-reflection in relation to codependency and loss,” says Kirsten Heibert. "We wanted to take a step forward from our first album and explore a more textured soundscape, focusing on the use of the voice as an instrument.”


Bug was written and performed by Kirsten Heibert, produced and mixed by Julian Giaimo, mastered by Santa Cecilia Sound Mastering, features drums by Morgan Karabel and guitar by Kirsten Heibert, and was recorded at Outlier Inn and Julian Giamo’s Home Studio.

Paging Doctor Moon is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Kirsten Heibert. Heibert is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. In 2009, she started writing music to heal a wounded heart. After nearly a decade of writing and developing her skills through self-recording, as well as establishing a name for herself in Las Vegas and New York, she created the project in Brooklyn, circa 2018. In 2020 they recorded their first full-length album.


"Lost My Body" was released independently in March of 2021. They released their second project, "Bug," in August, 2022. Paging Doctor Moon is based in Western Pennsylvania, and the current band members are: Kirsten Heibert (vocals/guitar), Christian Hoffman (guitar), Chris Volpini (bass), and Spencer Rakoczy (drums).

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