Allocai Releases Debut Album, "Cruelty"

Allocai Releases Debut Album, "Cruelty"

Following the release of his debut singles “Cloud9”, “Be My Main” and “Hush”, delivering a fresh new sound from his base in Los Angeles, Allocai has released his debut LP, “Cruelty”, slated to be released on April 3, 2020.

The three very different singles, each released only one month apart, garnered much attention but the biggest headline of his career thus far has been the “Cloud9” music video which was released in October 2019 and racked up a million-plus view on YouTube to date.

His core sound is Pop, but always twisted and mashed with different genres to evoke particular emotions in listeners. This signature style of mixing diverse genres is prominent on the album which chronicles the ordeal he went through with his father. By empathizing the experience to listeners through emotional appeal rather than a banal narration, Allocai takes listeners on a fervent rollercoaster with each song representing a particular feeling he experienced on his road to recovery.

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