Aliché's Debut Album, "Exx" Is Hot

Aliché's Debut Album, "Exx" Is Hot

Independent artist and songwriter Aliché (pronounced /aa-lee-shay) has released her debut album "Exx" under JaMary Records.

The middle child and only girl to Alene Matthews & Luke Pierre Sr, was destined for stardom has she always been musically gifted. "I am inspired by artist like Aaliyah, Brandy, Ciara, Usher, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston...and the list goes on. I'm a woman with a dream and goals. I put God first! I am great", said the young music star whose singing voice is mezzo-soprano with sweet and soft tone that works best in mid-ranges.

As a songwriter, Aliche´ writes various genres of music from contemporary R&B, gospel, pop, dance pop, hip hop and soul music.

From a young age, she was singing, writing, and listening to a variety of musical genres. R&B music was the genre she fell in love with from the start. It moved her, touching every emotion inside her like no other genre could.

She began to fill notebooks with songs about various types of love, from casual to romantic love as well as emotional, internal and life experiences. Aliché writes various genres of music, not just R&B. Styles include but are not limited to pop, dance, hip hop, soul and gospel.

In 2017 she met producer Juan Donovan and the two instantly made a musical connection. They started releasing singles in 2018 which paved the way for her latest debut album “Exx”.

The 8-track album is unique with a flawless Aliché's mezzo-soprano voice reflecting on all angles of love and from “Cleopatra”, the very first single of the album with an Egyptian/Arabian flavor released earlier this year to "Think Of Me."

Listen to the new album below and share your thoughts.


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