Alexis Finley Promotes Self-Discovery And Women Empowerment In New EP

Alexis Finley Promotes Self-Discovery And Women Empowerment In New EP

We've all been lost in toxic love trying to gather the reigns before breaking completely. While some lose themselves to the pain, others are finding ways to channel their breakthrough to uplift others. AFinleyMusic is the flower that grew from darkness. Rather than crafting more "F" love anthems, singer Alexis Finley released her first five-track EP titled "Recovery" in 2019 to encourage women to grow better and not bitter after a heartbreak.

This September 2020, the singer has a new attitude to display in her upcoming EP titled "Sensitive Savage" with seven anthem tracks that'll give men second thoughts about pushing a good woman away.

"There's something about experiencing a bad romance," states Finley. "Something breaks inside of you, then a switch goes off and the evolution of self begins. This EP is the next stage in life where you begin to put yourself first and tap into savage mode after rejection."

In her hit single "Risk" from the first EP Recovery, the music video showcased visuals of a good girl gone bad. The setting was based on the image of women in the 1960s era, showcasing domesticated behavior and the will to cater to her man. After experiencing humiliation, she evolves and reveals a more free spirit and dominating nature. In the upcoming video for "Feelings," listeners can prepare to see Finley pick things up where she left off in "Risk" and unleash the beast. "I ain't here for it; I can't ignore it; what do you take me for? Baby, you can hit the door...with your feelings."

"I chose those lyrics because we as women often mold ourselves to become the woman of our significant other's dreams. These lyrics are basically saying I'm not the woman you thought I was, so allow me to remind you who I am," states Finley.

Ultimately, "Sensitive Savage" is all about who you become after you see the light at the end of the tunnel; its when you discover what you're capable of when enough is enough. Listeners will embrace the vulnerability laid out in each track and will find a piece of themselves in any verse.

Stream the new EP below!

Connect with Alexis Finley:

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