Alex Noelle Celebrates Heartbreak In Lastest Single, "Ludlow"

Alex Noelle Celebrates Heartbreak In Lastest Single, "Ludlow"

Rising Nashville based singer-songwriter Alex Noelle celebrates heartbreak in her latest single, "Ludlow".

Written by Alex Noelle with production by Elysse Yulo, Alex Noelle, and Adam Sickler and mixing and mastering by Adam Sickler, “Ludlow” is an upbeat yet emotional proclamation and ownership of the talented songstress’s past experiences with the pain that heartbreak brings. “‘Ludlow’ started when I had been stuck replaying memories of the past that I didn't want anymore, the same way a catchy song gets stuck in your head even after you're tired of it,” says Alex. “At a certain point, I figured I might as well blend the two -- I turned all of those stuck memories into a song that could make me dance and smile. If you're in need of a cathartic bop to let yourself dance and wallow at the same time, ‘Ludlow’ is it.”

Alex Noelle is an indie-pop singer-songwriter, emotional storyteller, and certified music therapist living in Nashville, TN. Originally from New Jersey, her honest-to-a-fault lyrics are relatable, insightful, and at times, playfully dark. Mixed with a pure vocal tone and rhythm-driven instrumentals, her sound blends the likes of Sara Bareilles, Hozier, and Maggie Rogers.

Alex Noelle is slated to continue releasing more music in 2021, with an EP slated for later in the year.

Stream Ludlow below:

Connect with Alex Noelle:

Instagram: @alexnoellemusic

Facebook: @alexnoellemusic

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