Al Castellana releases his new album titled “The Right Place To Be”

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Funk specialist Al Castellana released his new album titled “The Right Place To Be” on January 29th, 2021.

Composed of 12 pure soul music tracks, the newly acclaimed album is poised between the atmospheres and arrangements from Al’s seventies background and contemporary soul/RnB.


“The Right Place To Be” is an album that already from the title, shows the meaning that the artist wanted to give to his latest work. For Al Castellana, the best place to be is the place where there is music and where you are surrounded by the warmth of affections - from everything you love and from those who love you. It is the album of rediscovered happiness, the album that celebrates a new love and the love for the faithful companion ever...The Music.

It is a record that contains a mature and defined artistic path, where the musician combines refined arrangements with melodic and captivating refrains - from classic old school ballads to mid-tempo, neo-soul songs, going through the tracks of contemporary RnB - all enriched by a jazzy touch and inevitable funk.


The Production is entrusted to Daniele "Speed" Dibiaggio who also played many of the instruments; undeniably the only producer who manages to perfectly translate Al's musical vision into music. The album is preceded by the single “Love Is Here” which in a few days after its release, conquered the Top Ten of the prestigious UK Soul Chart.

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