AEE Royalty, Shardella Sessions is back with her newest hit single "Everything"

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Atlas Elite Entertainment Royalty, Shardella Sessions is back with her newest hit single “Everything”.

The multitalented Princess of Atlas Elite Entertainment, Shardella Sessions has once again proved that she can do no wrong when it comes to making chart-topping music, with the release of her newest and hottest single yet – “Everything” on January 22nd, 2021. Hard on the heels of her smash hits It's on Me, Let's Go and the wildly successful hit album, The Evolution of Shardella, the acclaimed singer/songwriter fiercely returns, once again showing off her amazing talent and sweet-salty voice.


With a strong vocal arrangement and lyrics that speak of love, the new single “Everything” is a song about giving a person everything they have, just to show the person in their life just how much they love them. A sultry RnB track with a flavor of love that you can vibe to no matter where you are, the very multitalented Shardella comes off as strong and sexy, showing off her impeccable vocals, underlaid with soulful harmonies and an uncluttered instrumental arrangement that underscores the song’s catchy hook.

From the first unmistakable note, “Everything” draws you in and a smooth, groovy beat picks you up and takes you into the mind and heart of Shardella professing all she would do, all she would give for the one she loves. In melodious tones, she is deeply expressive in her lyrics, “… I will give you my all, just don’t let me fall...guess its destiny…loving you is not a crime, if it is, I’ll do the time...”


Angel Sessions quotes, “I love this new song from our princess of AEE, Shardella Sessions. I believe when the world hears it, they too will love it like I do. I do believe that RnB has not left, because there are many indie artists who have released their RnB music and this song will bring back the sound of what we all miss, real RnB music. Shardella did a great job writing this beautiful song. The way she sings it, with a smooth sound, and expressing her heart into this song, I believe it will make anyone play this record again and again and again.”

Written by Shardella Sessions with music by Roy Chase, the team of AEE, Angel Sessions, Rodney Crews and Demetrius Guidry are thrilled to release the amazing single on the blue print label, Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC. Since its worldwide release on January 22nd 2021, “Everything” has gained major airplays and Shardella Sessions is featured in the Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine for the new hit single, already creating a major buzz in the music industry.


Daughter of the first lady of AEE Angel Sessions, Shardella started singing professionally at the tender age of 12. A signed artist on Atlas Elite Entertainment, she is fast becoming a branded global superstar and has since released several chart-topping singles, including the smash single “It’s on Me”, which reached #1 on Amazon on its first day of release, remaining on the charts for 4 weeks and earning her a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2019. She also released the hit album, “The Evolution of Shardella”, on August 25th 2017, which peaked the top Amazon 100 charts at #1 and remained on the hot 100 top charts for 13 weeks.

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