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A VOID Release New Album: 'Dissociation'

A VOID — Release New Album: 'Dissociation' || + New Single "Sick As A Dog" Out Now.

A VOID Release New Album: 'Dissociation'

London-via-Paris trio A VOID have unveiled “Sick As A Dog”, the final single to be taken from their awaited new album ‘Dissociation’.

Dissociation has a sound that captures the golden age of grunge; clunky, distorted riffs are counterpointed by throat-shredding vocals, and loud sections alternate with quiet… its swagger ensures A Void won’t be forgotten in a hurry,” says UK's devolution magazine.


Clangorous and climactic, ‘Dissociation’ highlight “Sick As A Dog” sees A VOID continue to source inspiration from musical greats like Hole, Silverchair and Babes in Toyland, but with a fresh futuristic spin. With swirling riffs that are as infectious as they are overcast, the track’s message is more optimistic than its stormy sound might suggest. Vocalist Camille Alexander explains:

“”Sick As A Dog is a cathartic track about the pain of separation and fear of abandonment. Rather than being a dark song, it touches on the idea of channeling pain through several emotional states, with the recurring theme of mental health in our lyrics.”

Following “Stepping on Snails” and “5102” as the final single to be taken from A VOID’s long-awaited new album ‘Dissociation’, the melodic and murky new cut is also the track that gave the record its name. Grappling with tricky mental processes and the harsh disconnect many of us feel from our thoughts, feelings and identities, the album’s title was plucked from the track’s closing lines: “When all the changes make you lose the plot / and bring you to a state of dissociation.”


Out now, ‘Dissociation’ is described by the band as a “pandemic baby” and was written and composed during lockdown by frontwoman Camille Alexander. Later arranged with the help of bandmates Aaron Hartmann (bass) and Marie Niemiec (drums), the album was finally recorded between 2019 and 2021 at Stakeout Studios in London when the band enlisted producer Jason Wilson (Reuben, Senser, Dinosaur Pile-Up).

Taking listeners on an emotional journey through its twelve tracks, and playing out like a snapshot of its isolated and uncertain gestation period, ‘Dissociation’ celebrates everything from heartbreak to womanhood to battles with mental health. A VOID explain:

“Nothing is all black or white. Dissociation happens when we experience a chain of significant events. We go through different phases, we question our actions and those of others. It’s very human to realise that there isn’t just one version of yourself, they all coexist. When you compose an album like this, each song is a reflection of a different personality at a given moment.”

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