A. Swain And Lipe Set The Standard With 'My Rules,' Featuring C.Llea

Both masters of their domains, A. Swain & Lipe are a powerhouse pair that has more than enough to give the world with their latest single and video, "My Rules."

The latest single was released by a new, independent record label - Network Entertainment Records and has garnered over one million views. "Our music has a new flow to it. Funky, fresh, smoothed out; just a good music vibe," the pair said. "Good vibes that come by way of intertwining the best elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop to give way to hit after hit."

The pair claim the latest single is just the beginning with more than enough planned for the coming months ahead.

Hailing from the Midwest, A. Swain & Lipe met while working for other indie artists. In 2016 they decided to join forces and put out their own music. Since then they've been featured on Bravo and have continued to grow their name.

A. Swain & Lipe are a R&B duo from the Midwest that incorporates pop and hip-hop into their music, like their latest single "My Rules.

Watch the new video and download the new single below.


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