A Chat with Mai.Atmo

Mai.Atmo is a singer and sound designer from Ukraine. She is an expressionist creator who aims to picture feelings. Her sound is deep and trippy, intimate and dark. We had the opportunity to talk with her about her music and what motivates her.

A Chat with Mai.Atmo

Q. What made you go into music and how long have you been in the industry? This is the only thing I am ready to be stressed about. I go crazy if I don’t create and being on stage feels like home to me, so it is always worth it despite any disadvantages.

Q. Tell us about your latest released project. What's the background and inspiration behind it? The latest release was an acoustic version of my previous EP with two new tracks which made the release a little controversial. I am a Ukrainian artist, and I released one of the tracks in a mix of English and Ukrainian. And one more - in Russian. Though of course there were people who expressed that I shouldn’t have done it. But my point was that the language doesn’t belong to anyone and is not the symbol of evil itself. That I will encourage the development of Ukrainian culture in everything but I am free to speak my, actually, native language because I am from a deeply Ukrainian but Russian-speaking city.


Q. Who did you work with on your latest release? It was the first time I worked with a sound engineer, not as an advisor but he did the whole mix and mastering.

Q. What are the challenges you have faced so far as an artist? The worst thing is anxiety. I love my music and I know the processes but the whole world screams at you that you need to fill [be on] social [media] sites, wear short skirts and make your sound simple. Although I don’t care about skirts, whereas I deeply love my music, I am scared that it won’t be accepted because it’s not simple and I don’t really stand on social [media] sites.

Q. What do you think of the music industry in 2022 and beyond? The styles are cyclical. At some point people come to strict genres, then they get bored and mix everything to the point of absolute anarchy, then they get bored of this and sort everything out to come back to genres. Now it seems like we are somewhere at the end of the point of genre mix, right before coming back to genres.


Q. How has the current pandemic affected you as an artist and as a person? It affected me as an allergic person because I cough when something is blossoming and then people around me go crazy because they feel like I brought them the plague, war, famine, and so on

Q. Who are your favorite artists and how have they influenced your music and style? IAMX- my taste is very much based on him

Powerwolf - developed my love for giant and epic sound

Pyrokinesis - developed my whispering singing

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