6 Ways It Benefits You To Use Archodia Play for Artists

Updated: Jul 11

6 Ways It Benefits You To Use VMN Music for Artists

If music streaming is the future, the future is here!

With numerous music streaming, discovery, and promotion platforms out there, Archodia Play combines all of these features into one global collective while partnering with major players in the industry to offer that solid base to discover new talents, promote their work while they earn fair fan-based royalties for their work.

Below are six major ways it benefits you to use Archodia Play for Artists

1. 2x Streaming Revenue: We believe in getting paid directly and fairly for your work. With your music streaming on Archodia Play, your revenue is boosted with each play.

2. Gather Fans: We have listeners all around the world looking to be inspired by new music like yours. Once you release or post a new track - anyone can hear, like, share, and add to their playlist. You may make fans for life.

3. Be Sociable: You have the chance to listen to other musicians (up-and-coming or major) and connect with them. Share stories, influences, and ideas. Great collaborations may begin here with the Archodia Community!


4. Get on Air: Archodia Play Radio plays the best new music round the clock. If our curators and station owners like your music, they’ll play it for the world to hear. You’ll be live on air.

5. Get A Gig: Archodia Play partners with leading event planners around the world. By joining Archodia Play for Artists, you could be next to feature.

6. Get Signed: We partner with well-known Record labels. There’s no better place for your talent to be spotted. You never know who might be listening.

Don’t save your musical dreams for tomorrow, seize the moment today and start getting noticed while earning fan-powered streaming royalties.

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