5 Tips To Increase Your Streams On Archodia Play

Updated: Jul 11

5 Tips To Increase Your Streams On Archodia Play

You finally started your Artist journey, took control of managing your music by claiming your profile on Archodia Play, edited your image, and added some info about yourself in your bio, added your tour and event dates, set download prices and more.

But now you’re asking yourself, how can I increase my number of plays? How can I grow my audience, and let more people find and listen to my music? If this question has reached your mind, this article is for you. Here are 5 tips that will help you reach your vision using Archodia Play Spotlight Tools.


1. Pitch your song to playlists

So, you released your new song and it is now streaming on Archodia Play, but you feel like something’s missing. The answer is Playlists. Playlists are known to be the fastest way of growing your audience and increasing your streams, as they help you reach people who know about you, and people who don’t, yet. For this reason, Archodia Play has developed a way that enables artists to directly pitch their songs for curation, Spotlight Play.

With Archodia Spotlight Play, you can submit a pitch request for your new release to playlists and DJs. Enter a song you would like to request, specify its genre, mood & style, and a brief description of your song. Submit your request and you’re good to go!

Our team will review your request and act accordingly. If approved, you will receive an email informing you about the good news, and people following the playlist will receive a push notification! You can also reach out to our Archodia Play support team on play@archodia.com for assistance with your request.


2. Promote your music

Now we’re talking growth. For artists that are willing to go the extra mile, Archodia Play has artists' discovery and promotional tools that fit their own music genre, vision, goals and the target audience they are willing to reach. Spotlight Play is known to be a marketing tool dedicated to push your content on Archodia Play through multiple features based on the right targeting in relevant regions.

Visit HERE to start promoting your music.

2a. Archodia Play Artist Unlimited

Opting for Artist Play Unlimited gives you multiple boosting features, which will expand your content visibility, exposure, and increase your number of plays and followers while also earning 2x streaming royalties for your song plays in the process. Your song will be the first to get noticed due to the exposure that the Spotlight tools offer.

You can request an opt-in by visiting https://www.archodia.com/for-artists. You can also reach out to our artist support team at play@archodia.com for further information.


3. Share your music on social platforms

Making music was your first goal, but now you want to go beyond making music: you want to be heard. Alongside our tools to help artists reach more fans, we believe that social media plays a crucial role in developing your fanbase. Promoting your content on socials thus increasing your Archodia Play followers ensures that they all stay up-to-date with your upcoming releases, thanks to our push notifications that are automatically sent to each one of them. With that being said, sharing your content on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS will expose you to a new audience that has the potential to turn into your fanbase.

3a. Facebook Stories

With Facebook, sharing was brought to a whole new level. It now offers a smoother, more engaging experience that brings your music to life, through a story. Share your tracks playing on Archodia Play to your Facebook stories. Users will be redirected to play the full song when clicking on the story. Imagine the number of views on each story, adding up as your number of plays on your song.

3b. Archodia Play Community

“Social users stream 33% more average daily seconds than active listeners”.

Our music community aims towards forming a social community around music genres, helping artists achieve their vision, and bringing them closer to their dreams and more importantly, their fans.


4. Push Notification to your followers

Now that more people have discovered your songs, and you’ve gained more followers, our push notifications will ensure that none of them will miss any of your upcoming releases! You won’t need to text and call your friends once your release is out, we’ll do the job for you. Whenever your release is live on Archodia Play, each of your followers will receive a push notification that will allow them to stream your new song with a single tap.

5. Live Radio

Archodia Play has offered the ability to stream music differently which can increase exposure to new music. As part of our upgrade earlier this year, Archodia Play introduced live "Radio”. This newly introduced feature allows users to not only listen to auto-generated Artists' radios but real Live Radio stations streaming on Archodia Play.

You can always reach out to our artist support team on play@archodia.com for further inquiries.

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